Nigeria Pharmaceutical Sector Report 2019/2020

An AFRISCAPER Insights Industry Report
Release Date: April 2019
Estimated Pages: 36
Available in: English

The pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria currently operates under challenging business environment with the attendant limitations on the efforts of operators to maximise the full potentials readily available in this important health sub-sector in the Nigerian economy. The challenge posed by infrastructural decay is perhaps the biggest among the list, and a major source of worry for local manufacturers of medicines in the country.

The absence of stable electricity has forced manufacturing companies to spend huge sums of money in alternative sources of power such as generators, solar energies and inverters among others. Each of these options cost a lot of money to maintain, and consequently drive the cost of production to the roof.

This report provides a complete and detailed analysis of the pharmaceutical sector for Nigeria. Afriscaper Insights presents in-depth business intelligence in a standard format across countries and regions, providing a balanced mix between analysis and data.

Who is this report developed for?

This report is designed for manufacturers, distributors, importers, export wholesalers, investors, logistics providers as well as other service providers like consultants, lawyers, support services and advisors.

What this report allows you to do:
  • Understand the key elements at play in the pharmaceutical sector in Nigeria
  • Access forecasts for growth in the sector
  • View key production and market value data for the sector in Nigeria
  • Crystallize the forces both driving and restraining this sector in Nigeria
  • Build a complete perspective on sector trade, investment and employment
  • Ascertain Nigeria’s position in the global sector
  • Assess market share
  • Understand the competitive landscape and who the major players are
  • View major deals and activities
  • Gain an understanding of the regulatory environment for the sector in Nigeria
  • Build a clear picture of trends and issues for sub-sectors
Reasons to buy this report:
  • Take advantage of the latest data;
  • Find deeper insights into current market developments;
  • Discover vital success factors affecting the market.

In this report, you can find information that helps you to make informed decisions on:

  1. How to diversify your business and benefit from new market opportunities
  2. How to load your idle production capacity
  3. How to boost your sales on overseas markets
  4. How to increase your profit margins
  5. How to make your supply chain more sustainable
  6. How to reduce your production and supply chain costs
  7. How to outsource production to other countries
  8. How to prepare your business for global expansion
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