Morocco Renewable Energy Sector Report 2019/2020

An AFRISCAPER Insights Industry Report
Release Date: March 2019
Pages: 64
Available in: English

The Moroccan energy market has been growing exponentially since 2009 and is progressively opening up to private investment.

In 2015, Morocco’s electricity generation capacity was 8,154 MW with the following mix: coal (31%), fuel oil and diesel (10%), hydropower (22%), gas (25.8%) and wind power (9.4%). A further 6,500 MW will be added by 2020, bringing the total electricity generation capacity up to 14,500 MW.

Recent policy and regulatory changes have created an enabling environment for both foreign and national private sector players. These policy and regulatory changes have allowed private sector players to generate renewable
energy and supply the national grid under guaranteed access provided by the national operator.

This report provides a complete and detailed analysis of the renewable energy sector for Morocco. Afriscaper Insights presents in-depth business intelligence in a standard format across countries and regions, providing a balanced mix between analysis and data.

What this report allows you to do:
  • Understand the key elements at play in the renewable energy sector in Morocco
  • Access forecasts for growth in the sector
  • View key production and market value data for the sector in Morocco
  • Crystallize the forces both driving and restraining this sector in Morocco
  • Build a complete perspective on sector trade, investment and employment
  • Ascertain Morocco’s position in the global sector
  • Assess market share
  • Understand the competitive landscape and who the major players are
  • View major deals and activities
  • Gain an understanding of the regulatory environment for the sector in Morocco
  • Build a clear picture of trends and issues for sub-sectors
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