China: Doing Business Guide 2019 (Trends To Expect & Prepare For)

An AFRISCAPER Insights Industry Report
Release Date: March 2019
Estimated Pages: 63
Available in: English (Contact Us For French or Chinese Versions)

The China Doing Business Guide 2019 provides an independent expert guide on trends foreign business owners, foreign C-Level executives and entrepreneurs doing business in China must keep abreast of in order to successfully navigate China’s business environment for 2019 and beyond. The guide also includes step by step guides for business leaders planning to set up operations in China.

China’s growing influence around the world and its middle class market of over 500 million people is hard to ignore. It is now the second largest economy in the world and is a major growth driver for many multinational organizations.

However, as China’s economic and political clout around the world continues to grow, it is inevitable that there will be periodic tensions with other countries. We expect 2019 to be a period of heightened scrutiny on foreign-run firms in China and this report helps foreign owned, or foreign managed firms (as well as organizations planning to operate in China) take a look at regulations and rules that can lead to difficulties and suggested steps to take to avoid such potential challenges.

What this report allows you to do:

  • Understand the key elements at play for foreign owned/run businesses in China
  • Understand the direction the policies that will be implemented are geared towards
  • View key policy trends for key sectors in China
  • Crystallize the forces both driving and restraining foreign business in China
  • Build a complete perspective on trade, investment and employment
  • Ascertain China’s position in the global ease of doing business rankings
  • Gain an understanding of the regulatory environment for China
  • Build a clear picture of trends and issues for foreign business in China
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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. China Overview
    • Demographics & Economy
    • Ease of Doing Business
  3. Key Industries Where Foreign Participation is Desired
  4. Legal Entity Options & Things To Check For Existing Companies
    • Wholly Foreign Owned
    • Joint Venture
    • Representative Office
  5. Location Establishment & Regulations That May Cause Your Establishment To Move
    • Industry Clusters
    • Free Trade Zone Locations
    • Clusters on GDP Per Capita
    • City Tiers Classification
  6. Marketing Strategies & Future Policies
    • Policies & Strategies on Business to Business Marketing
    • Policies & Strategies on Business to Customer Marketing
  7. Protecting Intellectual Property In China
  8. Recruitment Policies & Expected Future Trends
    • Insight on Labour Supply
    • Channels
  9. Existing & Expected Changes To Accounting Requirements
  10. Existing & Expected Changes To Payroll & Tax Requirements
  11. Existing & Expected Changes To Banking & Payments
  12. Existing & Expected Changes To Insurance
  13. Existing & Expected Changes To Work Visas
  14. Appendixes